VIDEO! Trump’s FEMA Director Just Admitted They Are Ignoring San Juan Mayor’s Cries For Help

President Trump has somehow found a way to toxically politicize a natural disaster, by starting a feud with Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz of San Juan shortly after Puerto Rico was ravaged by Hurricane Maria. Yulín Cruz appeared on television to beg for help as her people were dying, and Trump took it as a personal slight, launching a Twitter assault on the overworked, beleaguered mayor.
The feud has dragged back and forth, with Trump focusing more on insults than actually delivering the federal aid and leadership that Puerto Rico so desperately needs. Yesterday, Yulín Cruz took to Twitter to beg for additional help.

It’s horrifying that Brock Long, Trump’s FEMA administrator, would decide not to engage with the mayor of a hurricane-ravaged city just because the president doesn’t personally like her. FEMA should be apolitical, and interested only in saving lives. Instead, the organization is letting Trump’s mercurial nature dictate who deserves assistance.

Long appeared on ABC today and admitted that he has stopped listening to Yulin Cruz altogether. When asked about her tweets, Long laughed and said, “We filtered out the mayor a long time ago.”

It’s a stunning admission that should horrify Democrats and Republicans alike. Regardless of political affiliation, every American deserves the full attention of the federal government when disaster strikes.
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